Milky Love online

Mini drama: Milky Love ~ 2 ep.
Release Date: 02.03.2015
Runtime: Monday
Country: South Korea
Mari spends his free time at the cafe where he studied Chinese Milky Way, yet we study and on Kevin, a handsome bartender who came to study in Korea. Mari tries to confess his feelings Kevin, but does not have guts to do it.
Kevin is in love with the girl who comes daily to the Milky Way, but did not confess because he fears it will be rejected and will not come face events.
Will they succeed the two to confess his feelings?
Mini drama About Love ~ 4 ep.:
Milky Love ~ 2 ep.
Secret Love ~ 2 ep.
Thanks for English Subtitles: Airens357
english subtitle ep.01

english subtitle ep.02

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