She Was Pretty online

Release Date: 16.09 ~ 05.11.2015
Runtime: Wednesdays & Thursdays
Country: /South Korea
When Ji Sung-Joon was young, he was ugly. As he grew up, he began to have an attractive appearance.
When Kim Hye-Jin was young, she was pretty. As she grew up, she became ugly.
Ji Sung-Joon tries to find his first love.
 She Was Pretty-Hwang Jung-Eum.jpg
Hwang Jung-Eum
Kim Hye-Jin
She Was Pretty-Park Seo-Joon.jpg
Ji Sung-Joon
She Was Pretty-Koh Joon-Hee.jpg
Koh Joon-Hee
Min Ha-Ri
She Was Pretty-Choi Si-Won.jpg
Kim Shin-Hyuk
She Was Pretty-Seo Jung-Yeon.jpg
Seo Jung-Yeon
Na Ji-Sun
She Was Pretty-Lee Byung-Joon.jpg
Lee Byung-Joon
Min Yong-Gil
Jung Da-Bin
Jung Da-Bin
Kim Hye-Rin
Park Choong-Sun
Park Choong-Sun
Kim Joong-Sub
She Was Pretty-Lee Il-Hwa.jpg
Lee Il-Hwa
Han Jung-Hye
She Was Pretty-Hwang Seok-Jeong1.jpg
Hwang Suk-Jung
Kim Ra-Ra
She Was Pretty-An Se-Ha.jpg
An Se-Ha
Kim Poong-Ho
She Was Pretty-Shin Dong-Mi.jpg
Shin Dong-Mi
Cha Joo-Young
She Was Pretty-Park Yoo-Hwan.jpg
Park Yoo-Hwan
Kim Joon-Woo
She Was Pretty-Kang Soo-Jin.jpg
Kang Soo-Jin
Joo A-Reum
She Was Pretty-Shin Hye-Sun.jpg
Shin Hye-Sun
She Was Pretty-Cha Jung-Won.jpg
Cha Jung-Won
She Was Pretty-Bae Min-Jung.jpg
Bae Min-Jung
She Was Pretty-Im Ji-Hyun.jpg
Im Ji-Hyun
She Was Pretty-Kim Ha-Kyun.jpg
Kim Ha-Kyun
Boo Jong-Man
She Was Pretty-Jin Hye-Won.jpg
Jin Hye-Won
Lee Seul-Bi
She Was Pretty-Jo Chang-Geun.jpg
Jo Chang-Geun
Jung Da-Bin
Jung Da-Bin
Kim Hye-Jin
She Was Pretty-Yang Han-Yol.jpg
Yang Han-Yol
Ji Sung-Joon


Thanks for English Subtitles: Traunk
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